Student review: Ball State University – MBA

Ball State University is a State university located in a town known as Muncie. It is located around 60 miles from the capital city of Indianapolis. Also known as a university town, Ball State has a beautiful campus. It is bigger than the college campuses where I had studied previously in India. It was a bit disconcerting to find myself lost on the first day of orientation, but navigation became easier by the 3rd or 4th day on campus.

International student orientation was a week-long program prior to the week actual classes began. The Rinker Center for International Programs scheduled orientation in such a manner that there were many international students flying in on any of the first three days. A schedule was created for each day of orientation in order to complete enrollment, including health tests, getting identification cards, speaking with advisors, and enrolling in courses. The staff at the Rinker Center for International Programs were very meticulous and clear on the procedures that needed to be completed.

Another small orientation program was arranged to meet other new international and American students. Orientation week is a period when you get to meet so many new students who may even end up being your close friends during your time at the university. A new student must attend all of the required events at orientation in order to register for courses.   The required events explain how to keep in good standing with your immigration status, acclimate yourself to the university, and it is a great time to meet many new students just like you. You may wish to arrange a place of stay before orientation week to make this busy week less stressful.

The Ball State University campus is beautiful. As compared to other universities, it might be smaller in area but it has its own beauty and charm. One of the famous landmarks is the Shafer tower, an exquisite piece of architecture. There are a few more landmarks situated around the campus. It is easy to commute within the campus since a university shuttle service is available from Monday thru Friday and Sunday evenings.

The MBA course is a commendable program. The educational system is different from back home as most of you would know. It is more assignment oriented. Since I did not have a business background, I had to complete a few prerequisites before taking my core courses. For a general MBA, you are only required to complete 30 credits or 10 courses. It is also possible to complete the prerequisite courses online prior to your arrival.

The professors are very eager to assist their students. Help is always around the corner if you have doubt or if you need clarification and advice on class assignments. During a core course this semester, my professor brought in guest lecturers specializing in the areas of business which we were studying. This allowed the class to better understand we were learning in the subject. I look forward to what I will learn next semester!

Life in general is entirely different here. You will find that your normal routines are very different here. In the classroom, you will learn how to multi-task to schedule and manage time in order to complete all of your course assignments. You have to move swiftly to get things done. You will find that procrastination will leave you feeling overwhelmed and add stress to your experience.   Overall, you will learn to be independent, yet a team player.

Ball State is AACSB accredited and have amazing professors who will guide you through the course. The MBA program is well-suited individuals who have a science or arts background. They also have great library resources, recreational and other facilities on campus. I highly recommend Ball State University if you are seeking an MBA in the United States.

By. Elizabeth George

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