Message from our President


When we decided to move on from the American Foreign Service and settle down in Chennai, India, we were determined to continue doing what we enjoy the most – bringing the United States and India closer together and doing our little bit in transforming US-India relations. We believed our best contribution would be by fostering educational links between two countries we call our own: our country of birth and our country of adoption, given benefited from and understand both countries’ educational systems.

Our Mission is based on three guiding principles:

  • Ethical consulting
  • Personalized service
  • Innovating and creating opportunities for our clients they might not have envisaged

After years fighting fraud and misrepresentation as a member of the US Department of State, we firmly believed any operations we are involved in would have ETHICS as the#1 guiding principle. We are here to offer you personalized services, often one-on-one, whether you are an American University interested in our services to help build partnerships for you in India; or if you are an Indian university interested in our services to help global partnerships for you; or you are an Indian student thinking about international education to launch your career. “Personalized service” has become a cliché in the education sector. However, when you interact with us and experience it, you will know we really mean it. It is also reflected in our brags list, which consists of really low numbers, compared to the massive numbers claimed by others in the industry.

We sure believe there are synergies here that will be exciting for progressive, proactive institutions and resourceful students.

Glad to have the opportunity to serve you,

Jaya Bhaskar