For Indian Universities

Our vision would be to promote an Indian university/educational institution’s strengths internationally. Specifically, our specialized areas of consulting that we can offer to you would be in the area of Brand Building globally.  We can help with build your brand internationally by three methodologies:

1) promoting twinning programs for your university with respected American universities that have an established name for over a 100 years.  We have particular inquiries for referrals from two universities that could be potential partners with your computer engineering programs that will provide major value addition to your institution and to your students.   A twinning program with an American university in one department will build your brand equity not only in that department but would also have multiplier ripple effects throughout your institution in all other departments.

2) promoting the establishment of your university campuses globally.  There is a demand for educational institutions that can offer a combination India’s medical and engineering programs in partnership with an American university, in different parts of the world, such as South Africa, Caribbean and South East Asia.  We can help you establish 3 such strong and successful overseas campuses in 3-5 years.

3)  Your graduating students have a critical role to play in brand-building and globalizing your brand.  We can offer one-on-one advising services to students who are in the 3rd year of their four-year degree program or in their MA/MSc programs on all aspects related to international higher education.  We can help them with short-listing appropriate universities, coach them to prepare for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL, introduce them to international admissions officers from some US/UK universities, and hand-hold them in preparing the complete application package.  When numbers of IIT graduates when to leading universities in the US for higher education, IIT’s branding shot sky-high.  We believe, we can do the same for your university.

4) Another unique strength is our reach in two different and key parts of India: South India and East India.  Although South India has been a traditional leader in the education space in India, in the last five years eastern India has become the fastest growing education market.  If you are a southern Indian organization wishing to expand in eastern India or vice versa, we could be the bridge to help you.

5) Likewise, a logical next step (not necessarily sequential) would be to promote increasing internationalization of your student body.  Our strategy would be to target the brightest and the best among the 50,000 American students of Indian parents in the US and offer them an alternative to say, Marquette or Rice or Case Western or other US universities.  Naturally, internationalization of students would mean not only NRIs or children of NRIs but also truly foreigners from say South Asia, ASEAN or Africa for starters.

6) Another area that we can add value is to advice on emerging degrees and courses that are gaining momentum internationally but not yet available in India.  These could be additions that can be incremental to your existing schools of excellence or colleges.  Although, regular vanilla-type courses are necessary in any university, a university’s brand will grow exponentially more based on the number of unique course offerings, and rather less from commonplace courses.